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Don’t miss out on our break-out session at the Pensioen Pro Focus Conference

KEYLANE March 2, 2023

Keylane is proud to sponsor the upcoming Pensioen Pro Focus Conference, taking place in Zeist, NL on March 16th. The conference will bring together leading industry experts from the Dutch pension industry to discuss the theme of “The participant”: the challenges and opportunities facing pension providers as they navigate the new Dutch pension system to ensure effective communication with participants.

During the conference, Keylane is excited to host an interactive break-out session on the vital topic of: “Digital decision guidance”. Our session will focus on how cutting-edge technology can help smoothen and simplify the participant and pension provider interaction during and after the transition to the new Dutch pension system (moving from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution).

As the leading European supplier of robust, highly configurable and customer-centric SaaS platforms to the life and pension industry, we will share our experiences on how technology can unlock real-time, relevant customer interaction. At Keylane, we believe that the right technology can make all the difference in improving the customer experience, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency.

Keylane break-out session, March 16th at 14:20 – 14:40

Digital decision guidance: a practical interpretation
The new pension system includes additional obligations to guide participants in their pension choices. Fortunately, recent technological advancements have made it possible to support pension communication and choice guidance digitally. During our break-out session, we’ll explore the latest insights in this field and discuss how Keylane’s technology can support you as efficiently and effectively as possible. We’ll also take a closer look at the wishes and expectations of pension funds themselves.

By Maarten Hundepool and Niels van Maurik, both Managing Consultants at Keylane.

As Managing Consultants in the field of life and pensions, they are involved in complex automation and transition processes and applying SaaS solutions for pension providers. With a shared background of more than 25 years in the pension domain, they are always looking for sustainable solutions for the challenges within the pension administration and the pension industry.

We look forward to seeing you at our break-out session. The programme for the day is available here.

At this highly anticipated event, attendees will have the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with peers and gain valuable insights from some of the most respected voices in the field. Keylane is thrilled to be a part of this important conversation and looks forward to contributing to the pension industry’s ongoing success.

For more information about the conference please visit Pensioen Pro.