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Discover Keylane’s insights on migration and robust data

KEYLANE June 6, 2023

Keylane is sponsoring the highly anticipated Pensioen Pro Annual Conference in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, scheduled to take place on June 15th, 2023. The conference will bring together leading industry experts from the Dutch pension industry providing them with a platform to dive into the thought-provoking theme of “Uncertainty Guaranteed.” With a focus on equipping pension providers for the impending changes in the Dutch pension system and the uncertainties prevailing in the global landscape.

As part of our contribution to the conference, Keylane will host an engaging break-out session centred around the compelling theme of “Migration & Robust Data.” In this session, we will emphasise the significance of data quality in ensuring smooth pension administration, particularly in the context of transitioning to the new pension system. With the new contract offering limited possibilities for corrections, the implementation of a meticulously planned migration approach becomes even more crucial.

Join us to explore practical strategies and best practices that will empower pension providers to navigate this transformative phase with confidence and accuracy.

Keylane break-out session, June 15th at 14:50 – 15:20

Migration & Robust Data: The need for robust data
Good data is essential for error-free pension administration. This is especially important around the transition to the new Dutch pension system because the new contract offers little room for corrections afterwards. How do you monitor data quality before, during and after the transition? Lessons from previous transitions.

By Henri Jansen and Maarten Hundepool, both Managing Consultants at Keylane. As Managing Consultants in the field of life and pensions, they are involved in complex automation and transition processes and applying SaaS solutions for pension providers.

We look forward to seeing you at our break-out session. The programme for the day is available here.

At this highly anticipated event, attendees will have the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with peers and gain valuable insights from some of the most respected voices in the field. Keylane is happy to be part of this important conversation and looks forward to contributing to the pension industry’s ongoing success.

For more information about the conference please visit Pensioen Pro.