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DigiD: Keylane helps customers achieve full compliance

KEYLANE July 12, 2022

Due to the sensitive and personal data used by insurance and pension companies, many of our Dutch customers’ websites require a DigiD to grant access to policyholders. By law, Dutch financial companies must undergo a yearly audit to prove that their websites and internal processes are aligned according to the security rules of Norea (the professional association for IT-auditors in the Netherlands) and their cyber security policy. 

“With nearly 14 million “Digital Identities”, DigiD is relevant and widely used for the identification and authentication of citizens of web applications of the government, healthcare sector and many other organizations.” 

Why DigiD compliance matters  

For our Dutch customers who must be DigiD compliant, a yearly audit is undertaken between January and April.  

Failure to pass this audit would cause serious issues for our Dutch customers, as DigiD access to their websites and portals would be effectively closed down, denying both the insurer and the policyholder the ability to access, use and alter data; essentially preventing the insurer from carrying out crucial day to day business operations.  

Keylane DigiD audit support 

Our customers have the choice of organising the full audit themselves, or letting Keylane handle the DigiD audit on their behalf. It is costly and labour intensive for our customers to undertake the full audit process, but by letting us manage the process, we can ensure a stress-free, successful and timely audit.   

Between January and April 2022, we helped more than ten of our Dutch customers complete their DigiD audit along with our partner KoutersVanderMeer. And, as per every year, we needed to complete these audits by May 1st. Upon completion, a report (per customer) was delivered by mail to ‘Logius’ – The Dutch government company responsible for DigiD.  

Keylane’s success rate in completing DigiD audits on behalf of our customers is unmatched. All audits undertaken this year were completed ahead of deadlines and incurred no comments or follow up actions from either the auditors or the Plexus Digital Engagement application penetration testers.  

Without exception, all procedures and processes were found to have been followed and adhered to. 

Curious to know more about how we help our customers stay DigiD compliant? We would love to hear from you. Simply drop an email to Eric, our DigiD expert and portal department Delivery Manager for Plexus Digital Engagement, at 

About Keylane 

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