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Co-operation Topdanmark and Keylane

KEYLANE March 1, 2019

Topdanmark enters into a 5-year agreement with Keylane on support and further development of Topdanmark's new IT platform for life and pension based on an industry solution from Keylane.

The agreement between Topdanmark and Keylane covers support, maintenance and further development of the new IT platform for life and pension scheduled to go-live in spring 2019.

The IT platform is based on an industry solution from Keylane, which includes a complete standard system for policy administration, a holistic advisory platform and a risk management tool for Solvency II requirements.

This partnership enables Topdanmark to focus on what they are best at – running a value-creating insurance and pension company with the customer at the centre. Keylane supports Topdanmark’s business strategy with an IT platform that streamlines day-to-day operations and ensures that Topdanmark is at the forefront of future legal requirements and industry standards in line with the development in the market.

”Our co-operation with Keylane anchors our digital transformation process towards higher efficiency and competitiveness. With our digital foundation in place we achieve lower administrative costs and ensure compliance – but most importantly, we can focus our resources on creating additional value for our customers by strengthening the customer experience and accelerating our time-to-market when launching new products and services.” says Vivian Weis Byrholt, CEO of Topdanmark Liv.

“We are proud that Topdanmark is founding its core business on our industry solution and we are honoured to work closely with Topdanmark in developing their future business. IT is strategically critical for our customers, and we are experiencing an increasing trend towards standardised industry solutions that can ensure competitiveness in a digital world,” says Jesper Essendrop, Executive Director Life & Pension Nordics at Keylane

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Topdanmark A/S

Topdanmark is Denmark’s second largest insurance company and embraces a broad and diverse customer base. Topdanmark’s most important task is to provide attractive and up-to-date products for its customers. The company constantly strives to be a competent player in a vibrant and dynamic market, among other things, by developing new digital communication forms and self-service solutions that meet customer expectations. Topdanmark’s overall strategy is to be a value-creating company in the Danish non-life and life insurance market.

Keylane’s industry solution for Topdanmark

Keylane Plexus – a complete standard platform for managing life and pension portfolios with both guaranteed benefits, market interest rates and Unit Link. Plexus has a robust and advanced core engine that is based on events. The platform has modules for incoming and outgoing payments, company agreements, policy administration, standard processes with a high degree of automation, portals for employees and customers, as well as integration with bookkeeping and data warehouse.
Keylane Obex – a modular platform for holistic financial advice. The solutions PensionPlan, WealthPlan and BudgetPlan make it possible for life and pension providers and banks to give their customers an overall overview of their savings, investments, assets and pensions based on transparency and compliance.
Keylane Valuation – a risk management tool for calculating cash flows, provisions, stress tests and capital requirements. Valuation is a powerful tool for quick calculation of risks and at the same time it creates the foundation for life and pension providers to be at the forefront of Solvency II requirements.