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Bedste Hjem and Keylane have entered an agreement

KEYLANE March 11, 2021

Bedste Hjem is the first personal, interactive and social home searching service online that targets new, future and existing homeowners. Based on services from Keylane Obex, Bedste Hjem provides an overview of an estate’s fixed expenses and financing needs, while combining them with the home seeker’s financial situation.

Bedste Hjem, which is offered by Jyske Bank in Denmark, has launched a new service where homeowners can get help to keep track of a large number of details about their home, while home seekers can calculate what they can afford to buy, and the costs related to owning a home.

At new, future and existing homeowners can easily and quickly calculate how buying a home will impact their finances. Once the budget has been filled into the system, it can be easily recalculated and used on other homes-for-sale, which means that a home seeker can immediately get an overview of the home’s fixed expenses and financing needs, and the financing is quickly adapted to the home seeker’s financial situation.

Bedste Hjem uses a number of services of Keylane Obex to calculate the budget. This is easily done by combining a full tax calculation with Keylane’s comprehensive default values, which partly include fixed costs for a specific home, as well as calculating the variable costs based on how many people live in the property, their age, etc. Bedste Hjem accesses all services via open APIs, which makes it easy to design their own customer journeys and reuse calculations elsewhere.

Obex – we make the complex simple

Keylane Obex is a Software-as-a-Service-based platform that includes modules for tax calculation, wealth advice, budget advice, pension advice and senior advice. The Obex platform enables financial advisers to offer both retail and private banking clients digital advice, which provides a holistic view of the clients’ finances and pension conditions now and in the future. Obex engages the customer and adds business value throughout the whole value chain – from increased customer satisfaction, efficiency to additional sales.

Contact Martin Jönsson or +45 2255 2682 if you want to hear more.

Read more about the value Obex offers your company here.

More information about Bedste Hjem and Jyske Bank

Bedste Hjem is offered by Jyske Bank and is targeted at people who want an ongoing estimate of what a specific home will cost. Bedste Hjem is the first personal, interactive and social search service online targeting new, future but also existing homeowners. For more information visit Bedste Hjem.

Jyske Bank is the third largest bank in the Danish market for private and corporate customers. Jyske Bank group’s mission is to support the needs of individuals, companies, institutions for financial services on a profitable basis. For more information visit Jyske Bank.