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APG sells Inovita to Keylane

KEYLANE September 5, 2018

Press Release

Keylane increases position on the pension market and continues development of Inovita.

APG, the largest pension provider in the Netherlands, today sells their subsidiary Inovita (and pension administration system Lifetime) to Keylane, market leader in software solutions for the insurance and pension markets. The activities of software supplier Inovita no longer fit APG’s strategy.

APG will focus on their primary services, such as pension administration and asset management. Wim Henk Steenpoorte (APG Board of Directors): “We are confident that the interests of both Inovita and APG are managed well within Keylane, a company with a clear vision and growth strategy for Inovita. APG will remain a satisfied customer of Inovita.”
The acquisition means Inovita increases their product offer and innovation power. Richard Schouten and Jan Nikkels (Inovita Directors): “Within Keylane, we will continue to guarantee our customers continuity of our products and services. At the same time, we can develop even more decisively and grow both nationally and internationally.”

Keylane is happy to welcome a new member to the Keylane family: Keylane acquires Inovita to gain an advantage on the pension market and thus minimise the costs per policy in the pension administration. Ralf Timmer (CEO Keylane): “By joining forces with Inovita, we can increase our international presence on a consolidating European insurance and pension market.”
From left to right: Stephen Dews (CFO Keylane), Ralf Timmer (CEO Keylane), Richard Schouten (Managing Director Inovita) and Jan Nikkels (Managing Director Inovita)

About APG Groep NV

APG is the largest pension provider in the Netherlands and their 3,000 employees take care of management advise, asset management, pension administration, pension communication, and employer services. APG works on behalf of (pension) funds and employers in the employment sectors education, authorities, construction, cleaning, social housing, energy and utilities, social employment, medical specialists, and architect agencies. For the (pension) funds in these fields, APG manages 479 billion euros in pension assets (May 2018). APG works fora bout 25,000 employers and manages the pension provision for one in five Dutch families (around 4.5 million participants). APG has offices in Heerlen, Amsterdam, Brussel, New York, and Hong Kong. Contact APG: Dick Kors,, 06 34 020 751

About Inovita

Inovita is a leading Dutch supplier of the standard Lifetime platform to the pension and insurance market. The Lifetime platform has been used successfully for years by pension providers and insurers for the integral administration and (online) services to their customers. Inovita is located in Rotterdam. Contact Inovita: Richard Schouten, +31 10 235 10 50

About Keylane

Keylane is a European supplier of modern, customer-oriented software for the insurance and pension markets. With thorough IT knowledge and years of experience in the field, the company guides customers in improving their business management and use of technology. Keylane offers their services to over a hundred insurance companies and pension providers. Keylane’s headquarters is in Utrecht. Contact Keylane: Kim Leemreize,, 06 19 208 832