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APC has developed its own pension advisory solution based on Obex

KEYLANE September 28, 2022

For senior and wealth advice for pension customers, the Danish pension broker APC Forsikringsmæglere has chosen a solution based on services offered by Keylane’s Obex platform. APC succeeded in developing the advisory solution themselves in only a few months.

The development of the advisory solution took place in the sandbox of Obex, which is a copy of the production environment itself, where customers can try out new solutions for free. We are very pleased to welcome APC on the Obex platform, and we look forward to the continuation of our collaboration.

APC Forsikringsmæglere provides impartial private advisory for pensioners with an exclusive focus on pensions. With the Keylane collaboration, APC expects to be able to offer one of the best solutions on the market for senior and wealth advice to more than 15,000 customers. The open service architecture of the Obex platform makes it possible to develop integrations and build specific customer journeys before, during and after an advisory, which ensures a seamless process for both the advisor and the customer.

“It is very important for us to offer good advice not only in relation to the pension savings process but also in relation to the dissaving process, as the pension payment period extends over a very large part of the customers’ lives. Thus, there is significant value creation for the customers in receiving good senior advice before the payout starts, so that the pensions are paid out as wisely as possible and the customers choose the level of risk they can live with during their retirement. 


Based on services in the Obex platform, the pension advisory becomes more holistic and streamlined.” Says Nicklas Bornstein, CIO at APC.

APC offers unbiased and independent advisory, where many pension products offered by the market are compared based on financial simulations of the individual costs of the products, how they work and asset composition. The comparison enables APC to recommend the best pension solutions. Solutions that best suit the customers’ individual requirements and needs.

APC then offers monitoring of the customers’ chosen pension solution. This ensures that, in the future, customers have the pension solution that best matches their needs, while making sure the customer has the optimal conditions for achieving the largest possible pension amount, and thus the best spending options as a pensioner.

Obex – we make the complex simple
Keylane Obex is a SaaS based platform that includes modules for tax calculation, wealth advice, budget advice, pension advice and senior advice. The Obex platform enables financial advisors to offer digital advisory, which provides a holistic overview of the customers’ finances and pension conditions now, and in the future. Obex engages the customer and adds business value throughout the whole value chain – from increased customer satisfaction, efficiency to additional sales.

About APC Forsikringsmæglere
APC is Denmark’s largest pension broker and offers customers a free choice of products from all relevant pension companies. By not developing own products, APC can offer real unbiased advice, and focus on the pension solutions that give customers the largest possible pension available. For further information about APC visit

More information

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