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AP Pension upgrades to the new version of Obex

KEYLANE November 30, 2020

We are proud to extend our many years of collaboration with AP Pension on digital advisory solutions. The new agreement includes an upgrade to Keylane’s latest version of the Obex platform – a service-oriented solution for 360-degree pension and wealth advisory.

With the Obex platform, AP Pension can strengthen customer experience and streamline business processes across all its distribution channels – own advisory team, nærpension and tied agents – in relation to both physical advisory sessions and digital advisory solutions on the web or via apps.

For AP Pension it was important to be part of a standard solution used by many pension companies.

We look forward to continuing our collaborative partnership.

Keylane Obex – holistic financial planning platform
Keylane Obex is a SaaS platform that empowers financial and pension service companies of all sizes to offer their customers unrivalled control and configurability of their portfolios. It provides a holistic view of customer financial data, which helps advisors to walk their customers through their financial overviews more easily. This saves time, reduces costs and facilitates better customer interactions and experiences.

Coupled with the ability to turn calculations into easy to follow visual presentations, such as graphs, charts and diagrams, Obex very much encourages the ethos of “show don’t tell”. Obex not only integrates with your on-premise systems, but also connects to external online services through an API.

Curious to know more about how Obex can renew your advisory processes and improve your customer experience read here.

For more information about Keylane Obex, please do not hesitate to contact Director Lars Jacobsen at

AP Pension
AP Pension is a 100 per cent customer owned pension company where the customers’ pension savings set the agenda. AP Pension has corporate pension as its core business, but delivers pension and insurance solutions to both companies and individuals. AP Pension’s objective is to provide the best product combination and the best service compared to costs.

nærpension is built as a partnership consisting of 30 banks and it is a subsidiary 100 per cent owned by AP Pension. This makes nærpension a strong partner with some of the best products in the pension and insurance market.