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KEYLANE April 7, 2020

Keylane's new financial advisory platform will be launched this summer and the first customer has already initiated the implementation of the platform.

Several financial companies in Denmark ranging from some of the biggest pension providers and financial institutions to smaller independent financial advisors use Keylane’s Obex platform to offer 360 degrees financial advisory services to their end-customers.

In Keylane, we have a solid track record of delivering financial advisory solutions for pension providers and banks.

“Our solutions advise around 2 million Danes every year,” explains Martin Thuesen, Chief Development Manager at Keylane. “And we are seeing an increasing demand for delivering service-enabled solutions to support advisory services in banks and pension companies both within the self-service and advisor driven domains and to exhibit them through various sales and distribution channels”.

This is partially due to the paradigm shift towards SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), where leading third-party providers like Keylane are integrated into the existing system landscape at banks and pension companies, to create a seamless customer experience.

Co-creation ensures we stay future-ready

In view of this demand, in 2019 we decided to completely service-enable all our calculation capabilities based on the newest technology. We are doing this in co-creation with our customers.

The process started last summer and every 6-8 weeks we have had an open review where customers have been invited to participate and give their input on what has already been developed and helped to prioritise and make suggestions for the next development sprint. At the session held mid-January 2020, we had 14 representatives from different customers with both IT and business development backgrounds.

Build your own customer journey

This summer the first version of our new advisory platform will be launched, where all functionality is displayed as services, so that our customers can build their own user and customer journeys on top of Keylane’s calculation engines, or use sub-elements for apps and websites. The first customer has already initiated the implementation project and expects to go-live in Q3. One customer has launched a self-service feature on their website based on two of our APIs. This has reduced the need for advisor interaction in the onboarding process of new end-customers significantly.

At Keylane, we call it “the platform for achieving dreams” as our solutions support the advisory process where end-customers are looking into e.g. buying a house or summer house, retire early or take time off to travel with the family.

“We see that more and more customers are looking for standardised software to process “tedious” tasks like tax calculations and cash flow predictions. They prefer to spend their time and efforts on building their own customer journeys on top, to improve customer experience”, adds Lars Jacobsen, Director Obex at Keylane.

The platform is available for free trial in our sandbox environment where currently many existing and potential customers try-out our APIs and build prototypes on top. We add new APIs as they are developed.

We support the FinTech community

Keylane is sponsoring the Copenhagen Fintech Lab to contribute to the Danish fintech community and engage with interesting start-ups in order to both learn from them and to contribute to the thriving eco-system.

We have several FinTech start-ups in our sandbox as well and they provide us with good feedback as they try-out new things and find new angles to solve existing problems.

Target group

Keylane’s new advisory platform is relevant for all companies in the financial industry, as the advice is based on a 360-degree holistic overview of a customer’s financial situation. With a full API enabled calculation core, pension providers, retail banks, private banks, brokers and anyone else offering financial products can use the advisory platform for credit processes, pension and wealth advisory. The calculation options include analysis of pension needs, tax calculations, social benefits, etc. based on a customer’s income, assets and liabilities.

More information

If you would like to hear more about our new advisory platform, please contact Chief Development Manager Martin Thuesen at

You can also visit our website for more information on our API enabled holistic advisory solutions for guiding your customers during financial planning and providing them with a compliant and transparent financial overview.