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Achieve accuracy and efficiency in pension calculations

KEYLANE October 10, 2023

As a life and pension provider, you know that accurate calculations of premiums and reserves, along with their distribution, are critical to your success. Based on your product setup, premiums and reserves need to be calculated.

Plexus’s robust calculation kernel follows your product setup with standard calculations or by adapting them to meet your customers’ unique needs and preferences. This area is also connected to policy management, as events can trigger calculations. Our calculation kernel provides transparency and traceability, ensuring your actuaries and accountants can explain how the calculations were made.

The Plexus calculation kernel also supports projection and batch calculations, including prognosis calculations that project towards future retirement dates. It can be used when an event is in quote to see the impact of the event, or after accepting the event. This enables you to easily obtain the necessary results, regardless of the complexity of the calculations.

The Plexus platform:  transforming your business through technology

The Plexus platform empowers life and pension providers to transform through technology, from powerful SaaS functionality to impactful customer communication. Plexus brings together key Policy Administration System functionality in a best-practice SaaS solution. It improves and streamlines business processes into a modular, configurable set of critical tools – delivering impactful, customer-focused experiences to the leaders of industry, today and tomorrow.

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Want to know more about how you can ensure efficient calculations and accuracy of premiums and reserves? Please contact Jacob Goltermann, Head of Product Management, at