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KEYLANE April 25, 2017
Participants’ portal for LeanApps Life

Keylane is currently working on a link between LeanApps Life and the online pension communication platform FinCircle. FinCircle enables pension providers to set up participants’ portals (MyEnvironment). For example, participants can view information on Pension 1-2-3, or they can simulate events to get an insight into the impact of advancing or postponing the pension date, making an extra payment, etc.
Changes have already been made to LeanApps Life release 2017Q1 to set up and optimise the link between LeanApps Life and FinCircle.

Tariff date for pension plans

The functionality described in the above section ‘Tariff changes for new contracts’ has also been made available for pension plans by adding a tariff date field. All participations are calculated on the basis of the tariff date on the pension plan. The tariff date of a participation is the same as the tariff date of the pension plan, irrespective of the participation’s start date. The tariff date of a pension plan can be changed with a pension plan change.

Extending pension portal

Two further extensions have been made to the pension portal:

  • It is now possible to create an export file with data of the underlying participations. This export file can also be given a reference date, which means the export includes the data that was current on the reference date.
  • In order to make the distinction between various documents clearer, the ‘Documents’ tab has been enhanced with a column ‘description’. Furthermore, the search options for documents has also been extended.