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KEYLANE May 18, 2018

This edition of our newsletter includes information about QIS extensions that may be relevant to you.

Feel free to scroll down and pick what is of interest to you. If you have any questions or if you want to receive the complete overview with all the releases, please get in touch with your Keylane contact.

Support for workers compensation

QIS contains a few important changes concerning disability insurances. The solution now supports different types of premium calculation, such as levelled premium, maximum levelled premium, fixed levelled premium, risk tariff and combination tariff.

Changes for workers compensation insurances have also been added. From the Q1 release on these type of insurances can be used for allocating an amount of expected expense to both parts of a split period. This can be of great support for you if a calculation model period is split because of an intermediate policy change. The Q1 release also includes expanded support for multiple layers. Which means that QIS now supports the use of multiple policy version layers for calculation model based policies. QIS can add a new layer to the policy version if the risk of a policy version cover increases as the result of a policy change.

Other useful additions are the parametrisation functionality for the calculation model as well as the function to use the claim periods from the claim administration.

GDPR additions

Following the new European GDPR, logic has been incorporated in the QIS solution. For example for logging user consult records of health related data. To make sure data which is not necessary anymore is cleaned, functionality is added to delete obsolete quotes, requests and parties. This can be done via a batch job. For data portability (article 20), users of MyQIS and QIS can download an extract of the party data stored in QIS.

Extended Group Contracts

The latest release update includes several changes for group contracts, e.g. the green card for group contracts functionality. This allows users to create green cards based on risk level. The green cards can be sent both bundled and on contract level.

Group contracts have been expanded with value tables. The value tables functionality allows users to define multi-dimensional tables and range lists at contract level. This helps users to restrict and overwrite product options and premium values. The product designer can allow contract creators to select the allowed vehicle types per contract. In addition, a value table can be defined with the premium for each combination of vehicle type and age category. This data on contract level is used when processing risks.

Risk clauses can be added to groups and / or group contracts.

Another addition is the product availability for group contracts. The availability of group contracts definitions can be configured by using agreements.

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