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Supporting Fintech start-ups

KEYLANE January 5, 2023

The start-up environment is large, and a lot of prosperous new companies are thriving.

But why should every start-up re-invent the wheel? It is a waste of a start-up’s time and resources to build a tax engine. It won’t deliver a competitive advantage, and it doesn’t create any significant customer value. Start-ups should be enabled to focus on creating their best application, with the tax calculation as a service they can then use within their application.

At Keylane Fintech companies can get access to our sandbox free of charge and use it until the Fintech goes into production.

The Obex Platform

The Keylane Obex platform is a true service-orientated solution, encompassing micro-services that are ready to use.

Each service and each command can be accessed via a fully documented API – and you’ll be up and running in no time. Keylane provides a co-pilot for the first couple of hours, and then the developers are fully equipped to use the tax calculation, the standard budget values, the need analysis and many other services.

This leaves you free to concentrate on building the best user interface, your shiny new app, or that brilliant new feature on your homepage. The Obex platform provides the calculations.

We even have a sandbox where the entire platform is located – and it is free of charge if you want to try it out. When you are ready to go live, we switch the service into production mode.


The Obex platform is based on a true service-oriented architecture, which is accessible through our SaaS environment.

More information

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