Immutable Data Vault

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Protect your customer data against ransomware attacks with the Immutable Data Vault from Keylane

For insurance and pension companies that hold sensitive customer data, the need to protect that data and the ability to recover from attacks has never been more important. The potential damage caused by a successful ransomware attack can result in the complete loss of all customer data, severe reputational damage, and may even lead to costly legal repercussions that may reduce a company’s growth potential or put it out of business altogether.

To address the ever-present and growing ransomware threat and to offer our customers increased peace of mind, we are launching our Immutable Data Vault service in 2022, ensuring the highest standards of protection for our customers’ data.

“We fully endorse the need to provide maximum protection against cyberattacks for the stored data of our strategic SaaS partner Keylane, and actively contributed to the development of the Keylane Immutable Data Vault, purchasing this service as a launching customer.” C.T. (Kees) Tuijnman, a.s.r.

In its simplest terms, immutable storage or backup means that your data is unchangeable, impossible to delete and impervious to attack. Furthermore, it is always recoverable. Immutable storage therefore guarantees that your data is always restorable. The Immutable storage is contained within an isolated environment that acts as a vault to minimise any residual risks and to maximise restore guarantee. Download the document to find out more about Keylane’s Immutable Data Vault service.

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