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How do you motivate customers to utilise your online pension portal more?

Many pension funds, and life and pension insurers use an online portal to enable customers to view their personal pension status and notify the pension administrator of any changes to their situation. Offering an online portal is a great service, but how do you make sure your customers actually use it or better still, use it regularly?

In this white paper, we outline how you could guide your customer’s digital journey in a way that will encourage them to take an active interest in their pension and use the online pension portal service you provide as a reliable source of information and relevant advice.

Integrate your pension administration with an online portal to enhance your customer’s digital journey

Times change. Pensions are becoming more individualised, and the number of people who are not obliged to participate in an employer pension fund is growing. Likewise, customer expectations have changed and will continue to evolve. People are now, more than ever, accustomed to communicating and handling transactions online in every aspect of their lives. Therefore, they expect the same service from their pension administrator as they are accustomed to receiving from their bank or their favourite web shop.

Keylane Plexus can help you meet these expectations of your customers while optimising your operating costs. In fact, taking your pension administration processes online and offering your customers a seamless, optimised digital journey will help you towards operational excellence and improve your customer’s experience at the same time.

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