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Product Roadmap Axon

KEYLANE April 2, 2020

Keylane uses a roadmap process for Axon that works both top down based on our strategy and vision as well as bottom up based on client wishes and/or market changes at hand. Keylane’s Product Management department builds and maintains the product roadmap. A theme based overview combined with an indicated timeline illustrates our product roadmap. It covers the most important and strategic topics for Axon for the next year(s) in a simple overview. For 2020 we have some exciting new functionality on our roadmap for Axon! Let us highlight some major themes for 2020.

Data Mart 2.0

One of the major topics to mention is Data Mart 2.0 as part of the BI & Analytics roadmap theme. It is a standard Axon data warehouse representing all functional source data of the Axon production database including derived/staged information for reporting purposes. It is fed by a standard IBM replication tool (CDC) instead of the superseded Data Mart 1.0 file based XML data exchange. Data Mart 2.0 comes with an increased coverage of the Data Mart (all relevant Axon tables will be available), better performance and overall stability of the data feed. Additional available features of Data Mart 2.0 are near-real-time replication to the Data Mart based on Axon transactions, additional history in Data Mart 2.0 and the possibility to replicate data from Data Mart 2.0 to a client specific data warehouse or data lake. Furthermore Axon integration with the IBM Cognos Analytics platform is planned for creating an impressive BI & Analytics proposition.

Plug-in Architecture

Of course further investment in Keylane’s brand new plug-in architecture also stands proud on the Axon roadmap.
It strengthens a stable Axon core, provides more flexibility for customisations and eases third party integrations! The first plug-in points have been realised with concrete plug-in implementations (e.g. valuation of a claim, address checks, flood risks).


Part of the roadmap is dedicated to localising Axon for the German market. Amongst others all motor insurance related processes and interfacing for the German market is covered. Another large theme is the expansion of commercial lines functionality including new group contract functionality and co-insurance functionality.

Building Blocks

On top of it all Keylane also aims to roll out the new product configuration building blocks for the intranet and extranet channel. A great next step for product configuration including support for ‘drag & drop’, preview, expressions and much more. The building blocks functionality provides a more intuitive way to configure your insurance products decreasing the time-to-market for product changes and new products.