Zaion revolutionises the customer experience through callbots

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Zaion revolutionises the customer experience through callbots

Zaion is the European expert in enhanced artificial intelligence customer relationship solutions, achieved through unique and innovative callbots, chatbots and messagingbot technology.

Zaion helps companies improve the customer experience through AI, and puts voice at the heart of an engaging, interactive, and effective relationship.

Natural language is the quickest and most direct way to communicate, as it is rich and free-flowing. Despite a trend towards self-care, voice remains the preferred channel for more than 60% of consumers. There is no doubt that voice is the future of customer relations.

With this in mind, Zaion is developing conversational bots that can understand customer requests in natural language and provide a precise response based on the emotional context.

The Zaion Assistant platform allows users to create bots autonomously, while Zaion Analytics allows users to monitor the performance of bots in real time, as well as analyse KPIs afterwards.

Zaion continuously works to improve the customer experience, accelerate the digitalisation of the customer journey, enhance human capital and reduce operational costs by automating the processing of repetitive, high-volume conversations, as well as directing higher-value calls to advisors.

Zaion is trusted by more than 50 key accounts in the insurance, assistance, mutual insurance, banking, real estate, utilities, automotive, transportation and telecoms sectors.