The automated appraisal solution for claims

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Increased speed and efficiency for handling claims

One of the main challenges with claim settlement is the correct identification and valuation of the claimed products. The same claim handled by different claim handlers leads to different settlements. Products have significant price differences in the many shops, some products are no longer available and require similar replacement and other factors make fair settlement a complex and costly task.

The ValueChecker technology solves this challenge by instantly identifying the exact Claimed Product and presenting the lowest priced fair Replacement Product in real-time from an approved shop. The ValueChecker plugin with Keylane enables true Straight-Through-Processing, ensuring high customer satisfaction and significant savings.

Key Features

Valuechecker plugin for Axon helps to:

  • Automate claimed item valuation 
  • Enable true self-service STP 
  • Save significantly on damage payouts 
  • Increase customer satisfaction