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Making the pension sector future-proof, that is Ferm’s mission

Ferm believes that pension administration can always be improved. Ferm’s approach is pragmatic and focused on making an impact.

Ferm has been an independent consultancy company within the pension sector since 2006 at the intersection of business and IT. Ferm’s senior professionals excel in creativity, thoroughness and logic and have specialist knowledge of actuarial services, pension processes, systems and legislation.

Ferm has been part of the Quoratio Group since 2021. Together they strive for a world in which people, systems and processes work together optimally. The Quoratio Group’s training capacity enables Ferm to attract juniors and mediors and to further train them internally. Strategic workforce planning is Ferm’s way of helping Keylane move forward. In this way Ferm contributes to a future-proof pension sector.