New Sales & Development Director strengthens Keylane

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In May, Michael Nexø Leth joined Keylane as the new Sales & Business Development Director at Keylane Denmark. Michael will be part of the Danish management team, bringing more than 20 years of pension industry experience to our organisation.

Thanks to Michael’s industry experience, coupled with his deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing Danish life and pension companies, we are enabled to further strengthen focus on our customers, as we add greater strength to the organisation as a whole.

Michael’s large industry network proves that he possesses a unique ability to read the market, the dynamics and the players within it. It is an ability that has empowered him to work both strategically and tactically with new models within B2B services and solutions. Based on a deep customer understanding as the basis for a partnership, rather than traditional product sales, Michael has been instrumental in consistently delivering great results, and has repeatedly proven his ability to uncover customers’ strategic and business challenges, establish essential personal relationships and ultimately translate his deep customer insights into concrete solutions that bring value to both sides of the partnership.

Michael says:
“Joining Keylane was in every way a unique opportunity for me. I have known the company for many years, and watched from the sidelines as Keylane continued to go from strength to strength.

It is my clear assessment that the current international organisation provides synergies and opportunities to help not only the life and pension industry with market-leading SaaS platforms, but also the insured individual and pension saver with modern offerings and effective solutions that make company interactions relevant and the administration cost efficient.

For decades, the life and pension industry has been challenged by a systemic complexity that does not always support the desire to increase customers’ interest, understanding and involvement. With a growing focus on offering new digital customer solutions, coupled with the talented colleagues I now work with, I feel confident that we can make a real difference in helping our customers simplify key IT solutions that are crucial for the success of their customer strategies and business objectives.

I am convinced that Keylane is the right partner for the life and pension industry.”

Michael is currently in full swing getting to know our customers and their needs, and is more than happy to stop by for an informal chat. Feel free to contact Michael on 3148 4300 or

20 years of industry experience delivers a focus on strengthening customer relationships

Michael Nexø Leth studied to become an actuary in 1994, but when he was headhunted for a job at PFA Pension, the largest pension company in Denmark, he didn’t hesitate in accepting the opportunity.

For the past 20 years, Michael’s focus has been on customer relations, where he has gained invaluable knowledge in both the Danish and international markets. His most recent position was held at Danica pension, where, over a period of many years, he was responsible for Sales Excellence. In parallel, Michael has been associated with the Danish Insurance Academy as both an external lecturer and external examiner since 2012.