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KEYLANE June 12, 2020

The impact of the coronavirus crisis has more than ever before challenged the capabilities of online applications to scale significantly, reliably and securely - a feat that can best be achieved with cloud technology and associated services.

Office closures and the introduction of social distancing have led to a large and continuous increase in the number of online users, as the entire world converts personal interactions into virtual ones. So far, this incredible shift has occurred with relatively little effort. As companies strive to remain productive and serve customers optimally, cloud technology plays an unprecedented role by enabling videoconferencing, remote collaboration, online education, and many other initiatives. It meets the spectacular and unplanned demand in a way that would have been unthinkable a decade ago.

Within Keylane we have almost seamlessly and as a matter of course moved on to the new situation. From one day to the next, all employees started working from home. In doing so, we have noticed how closely our Keylaners are connected to our company and our customers.  They remain dedicated to delivering results, despite the sometimes challenging circumstances of working from home. We’re pretty proud of that! We also see that our customers  remained productive in this new world.

We hope, and know in some case,  this is because Keylane SaaS enables insurers to continue their work, while still operating at full capacity and remaining flexible. Case studies show that insurers who have implemented a single-solution web interface to run their business improve productivity and efficiency exponentially. Their transition to the new way of working was not only seamless, but also relatively effortless. The use of a cloud-based platform in combination with frequent releases ensures a fast implementation of the latest versions of the available software.  Annual updates are a thing of the past, updates are now released monthly and the hybrid cloud technology keeps business flexible and scalable.

Keylane SaaS solutions, such as Axon, go much further when it comes to addressing concerns associated with business-critical applications. Information security, upgrades and trouble-shooting are handled in the cloud.  A cloud that offers maximum security, even during a pandemic.

As the Corona restrictions start to ease, based on government guidelines, we have carefully started reopening two of our offices. We are learning from our Danish colleagues, who have been starting up slowly (again) since the 16th of April. We look forward to meeting both our colleagues and our customers in person again soon!

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