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End of the year message

KEYLANE December 21, 2021

Dear Client,

Another challenging year marked by a resurgence in COVID-19 once again demanded that we go above and beyond to find new ways to connect and stay connected with each other, our friends, our families, our colleagues and our clients. In my end of year message last year I said that I believed COVID would fundamentally change the way we work, and it most certainly has done that.

Digitalisation has been a hot topic in our industry for some years now, but the emergence of COVID truly underscored how vital it is for businesses to adopt digitalisation sooner rather than later. This past year, Our Axon platform once more proved itself to be a future-fit solution ready to weather such storms as long term global pandemics. Two years ago our clients were forced to adapt rapidly to work-from-home restrictions, and they did so effortlessly and without disruption thanks to our Axon platform.

As such, the promise of digitalisation has not just been proven, it has been proven to be essential to the long term success of the insurance and pension industry. There is simply no knowing how long society will have to grapple with COVID, but there is peace of mind to be found for our clients who have invested in our agile and adaptable Axon platform.

I’m extremely proud of the resolve and dedication Keylaners have shown this year. Not just to our customers and partners but also to each other. An organisation is only as healthy as its people, and I’ve been touched by the support Keylaners have offered each other during these difficult times.

Together we achieved much this year, some highlights include the successful creation and implementation of the basis to support motor insurance at the country layer for the German market. And, with a new concept to support complex group contracts, we have built hierarchies into our group functionality. Furthermore, In our quest to make data available in near real-time, we launched Data Mart 2.1 onto the market with near real-time data replication capabilities.

Within the domain of compliancy, we improved Data Lifecycle Management to anonymise data and fully comply with GDPR. We also extended the Building Blocks functionality for product configuration and enhanced the capabilities for all channels, where previously it was limited to internet channels. Also of special note is the volume of successful implementations we achieved in 2021, as well as our push to moving our clients to frequent releases.

And finally, I announced last year that we had launched a new DevOps team to offer our customers enhanced services. The DevOps team continues to go from strength-to-strength and the change has bought about tangible and meaningful benefits to our clients. We are also listening to your constructive feedback and will continue to implement additional improvements to our DevOps team throughout the new year.

On behalf of everyone at Keylane, I want to extend my gratitude to you for your trust and support in our solutions. We deeply value meaningful partnerships, and despite the restrictions imposed on us all, we truly wish you nothing but joy and cheer with your loved ones this festive season.

Happy holidays,

Ron van den Broek
Executive Director P&C Insurance