Data Mart 2.0

KEYLANE June 15, 2020

One of the major roadmap changes, available as of Q2 this year, will be Data Mart 2.0. Data Mart 2.0 (in short DM2) is the standard Axon data warehouse representing all functional source data of the Axon database including derived/staged information for reporting purposes.

In contrast to Data Mart 1.0’s proprietary file based data transfer, DM2 is based upon standard IBM replication tooling (CDC) and follows transactional data as it is added or changed in the Axon database. This results in a better performing, faster (near real time) and more stable data feed. DM2 will also increase the scope of data available for reporting as all relevant Axon data will be available in DM2 including intermediate status of data changes throughout the day.

The main additional features of Data Mart 2.0 include:

  • Faster and more stable data feed
  • Near real time availability of production data
  • Additional history information on key Axon data
  • The possibility to replicate data from Data Mart 2.0 to a client specific data warehouse or data lake.


The figure above reflects the flow of data within the Axon/DM2 landscape:

  1. Data is changed in the Axon database (e.g. by an end user or back-end process).
  2. IBM CDC picks up the data change based upon the information in the database transaction log.
  3. The data is being replicated (near real time) to the DM2 database and is available for reporting.
  4. Optional: Policy and financial fact table information is updated near real time.
  5. Optional: Add more transactional history.
  6. Optional: Replicate data to a data warehouse/data lake on premise at Keylane customers.

Step 1, 2 and 3 will become available for Keylane SaaS customers. For Keylane customers working with Axon on-premise we can offer a tailored proposal. For the implementation of step 4, 5 and 6 an additional license fee will apply.

Keylane will integrate the IBM Cognos Analytics platform into Axon including role based authorisation on available reports and data. Cognos will make it possible to analyse and visualise insights based upon the data available in Data Mart 2.0. Next to the standard reports that will be made available by Keylane, Cognos will make it possible to create custom reports and dashboards tailored to specific needs. Additional licenses for Cognos will apply. The current BIRT reporting tool will be phased out as a result of this new, much more comprehensive, BI development.

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