Replacement of an old policy administration system.

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VvAA is a middle-to-large insurer in the Dutch market. They were informed by their external administration systems supplier that support on the system would be discontinued.

This forced VvAA to consider the various options available, such as outsourcing some activities, selling the portfolio or migrating the current policies to a new system. Eventually, VvAA chose to migrate to a new administration system.

Replacement of the old policy administration system

VvAA is an organization with members and a service provider operating in the heart of health care, ser-vicing more than 105,000 medics, paramedics, students and health care institutions.

The complexity of the administration, the existing history and the dozens of raditional insurance products for the 30,000 policies, would place high demands on the project and on the partners guiding VVAA through the migration process.

Future-proof solution

VvAA went in search of a business partner with a proven track record of service, a business partner able to provide a reliable and cost efficient solution.

Within one year, the transformation from the outdated legacy system to a new and modern administration system was achieved. This creates a stable and future proof situation for VvAA.

A choice has been made for a technical migration, in which the current portfolio is converted to the new system.

Keylane provides the maintenance and management of Axon. The periodical release policy ensures VvAA that they remain up to date with new legislation, regulations and the latest technological developments. The new platform allows VvAA to offer competitive rates to its clients.

The flexibility which the product builder of Axon offers, allows VvAA to develop new kinds of products.

VvAA is a middle-to-large insurer in the Dutch market. The VvAA collective consists of over 123,000 members, committed to issues such as reducing bureaucracy in healthcare and the inspiration of the healthcare provider. In addition, VvAA supports individual members and their healthcare companies with relevant knowledge, advice, insurance and other profession-specific services.

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