Risk Management

Staying compliant with Solvency II and IFRS 17

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Your challenge

Life and pension providers are subject to increasing regulations and face much higher capital and risk management requirements based on the Solvency II directive as well as methodology and disclosure requirements from IFRS 17.

To comply with these requirements, you need advanced analysis and simulations tools that can provide the necessary information needed to ensure the financial stability and profitability of your company. The right risk management tools will enable you to investigate the consequences of your decisions from different angles and help you reach more validated conclusions and ensure that you stay ahead of compliance.

Our answer

Keylane ALM is an advanced tool for deterministic and stochastic projection of your company’s assets and liabilities. The solution is developed both as a decision-making tool to support your strategic choices and as a production-ready tool for calculating stochastic provisions under Solvency II and best estimate liabilities for IFRS 17 provisioning.

Keylane Valuation is developed to handle complicated calculations for cash flows, market provisions and stress tests to meet regulative demands efficiently. It supports fast reaction to internal and external requirements while handing you the complete basis for accounting and reports.

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More than software

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
We believe software implementation is a team sport. Making our risk management tools work for your company, tailor it to your processes and integrate it with your systems, asks for a close cooperation. With a dedicated implementation team of experienced consultants and the best practices we have developed over the years, you are assured of a smooth implementation process.

Key advantages

  • Calculation of Solvency II balance by stochastic and deterministic methods
  • Calculation of best estimate liabilities and risk adjustments for IFRS 17 provisions
  • Consolidation of budget projections, capital plan, ad hoc analyses and more
  • Allowing the management actions in the project to be based on a single policy, loss absorbing buffer for each line of business or the state of the company as a whole
More information

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