Employee Benefits

Run your administration as efficiently as possible, from one single location.

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Your challenge

In a consolidating market of insurers and insurance advisers, you need contact with the end customer. Digital engagement is a top priority for both existing and new customers. Yet there are issues to consider. For example, how do you communicate with the customer? How do you ensure an attractive product and service, and what do you need for this purpose? How do you provide an efficient administration process for these products or services?

In a market with a shrinking number of providers – because of economies of scale and more efficiently implemented administrative processes – it is essential to have like-minded business partners or suppliers.

Our answer

Benefits-Plaza is a front-end Employee Benefits platform supplied as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. We use this platform to administer and maintain employee’s employment conditions that can be insured on a group basis.

Its strength lies in retrieving and distributing employee data: at the ‘front’ of the logistics STP (Straight-Through Processing) chain through a link to the salary package and at the ‘back’ with a link to insurers’ and pension funds’ back-end systems. With an extensive package of delivery modalities, Keylane and its payroll administration suite now occupy a central position in the insurance and pension market, collecting and distributing data between employers, advisers, insurers, and pension providers.

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More than just software

We believe that software implementation is a team sport. Close cooperation is essential to ensure we put Keylane’s software to best use for your organisation – whether that’s configuration based on your business processes, integration with your IT landscape, or hosting.

Our in-house team of expert, result-oriented consultants oversees how our software is implemented. Because of their extensive knowledge of the functionality of the solutions and the underlying technology, we can guarantee a successful implementation process in advance.

Key features

  • A link to your payroll administration
  • Automatic transfer of data to insurers
  • Reduced risk of errors and no repeated steps
  • Low administrative workload
  • A single location for the administration of your employees
More information

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