Hello Frende! Meet the Keylane team

Your partner in implementing a new core for Life and P&C

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Kjære Frende-team,

Vi takker for tilliten dere har vist Keylane ved å invitere oss til deres forespørsel om ny kjerne-forsikringsplattform for Frende Forsikring samt for all informasjon og veiledning dere har gitt oss i denne prosessen.

Sjekk ut videoen nedenfor med en personlig melding fra oss i Keylane-teamet.
Vi ser frem til å fortsette samarbeidet!


 How Keylane will meet Frende’s objectives 


  • Safe and solid project delivery and operations. The extensive experience we have with migration projecs gives us the confidence to offer Frende a migration contract based on Fixed Terms 
  • Skin in the game. Frende’s current platforms and technology are old and will be discontinued or unsupported by current vendors. To align the objectives, we will offer Frende a predictable – Fixed Commercial Terms – migration as a deliverable of the Discovery Phase. 
  • Reliable and robust operations. Our customers will testify to our extremely high reliability in terms of the platforms robustness and availability. After migrating to Axon, Frende is assured of 24/7 support, regular smooth upgrades and guaranteed compliance to Norwegian insurance regulations 
  • Proven support for Norwegian market, Non-Life and Life products. Keylane has live customer implementations of all products, both Life and Non-life and contract models that are present in Frende’s broad product portfolio. 
  • Architecture fit for ease of integration and customer self-service. The Axon platform comes with and extensive API layer to support a 100% REST based implementation. Axon’s open plug-in architecture allows for bi-directional data flows to further automate Frende’s processes. 
  • A flexible and rich no-code product engine.  The Axon product engine provides Frende with the ability to quickly define, build and release new products in all or selected channels while maintaining the ability to manage products in detail.  
  • A transparent ambition on sustainability. Keylane share’s Frende’s ambition on sustainability. Keylane uses a Data Centre that is at 100% green energy. We implemented a carbon accounting tool (Climax) to measure our emissions continuously. It is our ambition to drive our carbon emissions down to zero. 


JBF implements Keylane’s full SaaS Axon platform with frequent releasing 


JBF went live with Keylane’s Axon platform for their private line products in May 2019, and then followed up on the full migration to Axon by adopting Keylane’s frequent releasing programme in 2021. Read their success stories here and here.

The JBF challenges:

  • Reduce time to market
  • Eliminate large software upgrade projects
  • Increase business agility

The Keylane solution

  • Full Migration to Keylane’s Saas platform Axon
  • Enable Keylane’s frequent release programme (monthly)


Why we are the right partner for Frende

We have the scale that is required to deliver a successful transformation

  • more than 20 million policies running on our platform
  • More than 25 migrations
  • 300 experts


Norway specific functionality Axon offers a country layer for Norway out-of-the-box

For the Norwegian Market all legal requirements related to customer-, policy-, claim- and payment lifecycles are supported:

  • TFA
  • Specific Norwegian formats
  • Social security number
  • Organisation number
  • Bank account
  • Addresses
  • Payment identifier (KID)

Market standard interfaces available:

  • TFF Auto 
  • FOSS
  • DSF
  • Nets (Avtalegiro, OCR, eFaktura)
  • DBS (both glass and non-glass damage)
  • OFV
  • SOS International
  • In4mo
  • Falck
  • Strålfors
  • Reports (AVIS, Hussopp, FNO, Tax Authorities + many more)

Floris van der Kolk
International Sales Director
M +31 6 542 459 41
Linkedin: Floris van der Kolk

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More information about Keylane

As the leading European supplier of robust, highly configurable and customer-centric SaaS platforms to the insurance and pension industry, Keylane offers solutions that optimise today’s business processes, unburdens our clients and empowers them to be future-fit and agile.

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